Home Musik Die britische Band Hot Milk veröffentlicht eine neue 5-Track-EP

Die britische Band Hot Milk veröffentlicht eine neue 5-Track-EP

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Hot Milk "I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I'M Dead"

Hot Milk

“I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead”

(CD-EP, ‎ Columbia, 2021)

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Die britische Band Hot Milk veröffentlicht am 10. September 2021 ihre neue 5-Track-EP “I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead”. Hier in Kursiv die Presseinformationen:

Hot Milk (© Paul Harris)

(© Paul Harris)

Die neue EP folgt dem Erfolg der ersten EP der Band, “Are You Feeling Alive?” (2019), einer sprudelnden Sammlung von mutigem Emo-Pop, die sie als eine der aufregendsten neuen Bands in Großbritannien etablierte. 2019 war ein turbulentes Jahr, in dem sie mit den Foo Fighters, Deaf Havana und You Me At Six tourten und auf einigen der größten Festivalbühnen Großbritanniens spielten. Kürzlich spielte die Band beim Download Pilot Festival in UK und erntete begeisterte Kritiken und ein ständig wachsendes Publikum.

“When we sat down to write this, life was bleak”, sagt Co-Sänger Jim über ihre neue Single “I Think I Hate Myself”. “Touring had stopped, people were dying and whatever purpose and path I had in life became obsolete. I’d never had to properly deal with sitting down with my thoughts as company. I was angry a frustrated at myself. I knew Han was in the same place, so this concoction of self loathing and desperation began to write itself.”

“The song is the anthem of my life. I don’t know why I do these things to myself but I just self-sabotage and hope it’ll make a difference when it never does”, sagt Han. “For me, this is cathartic and it’s my truth, the saddest realist song dressed up in a happy melody. Fuck it, yeh I hate myself but now I’m at rock bottom you can’t take anything else, and you will never stop me singing.”

Zur EP generell fügt sie an: “These songs are honest. I have nothing to hide. It’s the world we live in, it makes people sad. Capitalism. Is it broken? 100 per cent. I’m angry that the fact that we’re sold a world that actually doesn’t make you have inner peace. Humans need love and community and a lot of the time, there is no love and the community has dissolved.”

“We’re angry, both politically and existentially in terms of the system we now live in. But also, we’re angry at the fact that we’re sad quite a lot”, ergänzt Han. “But we’re trying to not just sit there and take it. We’re trying to fix it, by building a family through this band.”

“Life is fragile”, sagt Jim. “You can’t take things with you, but you can make the best memories. That’s the most important thing in life. Your currency is your memory. What you can take with you is something that absolutely makes the blood pump round your veins and gives you goosebumps”, stimmt Han zu. “That’s what this band is to us. It’s our passion. That’s what this EP is about.”

Die neueste Vorab-Single zur EP war “Split Personality”. “Well well well…… this song is about getting lost in the bubble-gum delirium of living in a city where naughty temptation is a constant wolf at the door”, erklärte Han. “It’s about the mood swings between wanting to get absolutely annihilated or having a nice roast dinner and a pot of tea. It’s about being caught up in an atmosphere of wanting to see how far we can push our bodies and wanting to be sedated. Like who even are we? I don’t know…”


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